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Steve Kane

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About Me

Hi my name is Steve Kane, founder of SDKANEMARKETING, LLC an Internet Educational based business you can earn an income from home.

I was raised in Southeast Ohio in a large family.  We all chipped in on our farm and learned about hard work to succeed in life.  My parents worked at the local college and instilled education in all  of our lives.

I spent the next 36 years in Law Enforcement and I come from 4 generation law enforcement  family with over 100 years of public service.  I became a commercial pilot and flew for many years in my  law enforcement job.

My hobby away from work is bird dogs, I raise and trained German Wirehaired  Pointers for the last 30 years.  I started a herd of Scottish Highland cattle on the farm when I retired to enjoy the farm life and then built our log cabin.

I wanted to work from home and still enjoy the farm life. I realized the need to search for Internet a home based business to be able to stay at on the farm. Just like you who is watching today I need to find a business to start my next income.  I’m living a Lap-Top Lifestyle now and supplementing my retirement and enjoy meeting new friends in my business.

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